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Aquatuning AT-Protect-UV-green 1000ml

Aquatuning AT-Protect-UV-green 1000ml
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Content: 1000 ml

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Ready to use coolant which can be poured into the cooling loop without further mixing or...more
Product Information

Ready to use coolant which can be poured into the cooling loop without further mixing or dilution. Specially developed for closed cooling loops, highly effective and long-term stable anticorrosive for PC cooling systems. Suitable for loops with multiple different materials (e.g. Copper, brass, plastics, gaskets). The corrosion inhibitors work effectively and protect your system over a long period of time.
Metering is easy, as AT-Protect is filled into the cooling loop undiluted and without further mixing. To ensure proper functionality of the coolant no additional dilution (e.g. with water) is permissible. AT-Protect is non-odorous, colourfast, non-flocking and lights in its characteristic colour when exposed to UV light.
AT-Protect IV green contains no Gylsantine or glycol and hence does not reduce the heat absorption of the water. It is hence perfect for use in high-performance water cooling systems.

- Low electrical conductivity
- Extra-pure distilled / de-ionized water with an electrical conductivity of 1μS/cm is used in the production of this coolant
- Contains additives against algae and corrosion inhibitors
- High-quality colour pigments vreate intense, staurated and bright colours
- Not aggressive against Acrylic, Acetal, rubber or other gasket materials
- Conforms with RoHS regulations

Technical specifications:
Colour: Green
Fluorescence: UV yellow-green
Content: 1000ml

Contains Ethanediol. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Note: Manufacturing residues in radiators may lead to unwanted reactions, hence this product must be used with cleaned radiators.

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Please note:
As this coolant
contains colouring additives, it can not be ruled out that it may stain e.g. clothing or other textiles upon contact. Please also note that colouring additives fade with time, hence possibly resulting in lessening colour intensity over time.


Technical details and videos ... moor
Technical details
Cor: green
Especificação: Ready to use
Fabricante: Aquatuning
Cor UV: green
Conteúdo: 1000ml
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Perguntas e Respostas
Question from Elmer H. from 03. March 2018
It works great and looks cool, but it always turns blue a few months after I start using it. It has happened to me in two different loops now - one of them was a whole new Alphacool kit where it was the very first liquid ever in contact with the system. Is that normal, or could it be a sign of something bad, e.g. corrosion?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 04. April 2018
If you are using HardTubes, it is not normal. Normal tubes have softener inside. These softeners will rinse off over time and may discolour the water.
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Question from MartinoDerErste from 08. August 2016
Kann man die Farbe auch mit einer anderen Farbe mischen oder gibt es da Probleme??
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 09. September 2016
Eine Veränderung des Gemisches bietet nicht mehr zwingend die Funktion, welche das Gemisch haben sollte. Lediglich Farbe wird wohl keinen Schaden anrichten, jedoch empfehlen wir nicht, Fertiggemisch zu verändern. Dann lieber ein Konzentrat und den gewünschten Zusatzmitteln / farben.
Antwort von MartinoDerErste vom 09. September 2016
Ich wollte die Farbe nur geringfügig anpassen. Und die Flüssigkeiten vom selben Herstellers nehmen. Das wird also nicht gehen?
Question from Erik Son-U S. from 06. June 2017
Leuchtet diese Flüssigkeit im dunkeln?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 06. June 2017
Grundsätzlich sind alle UV-Flüsigkeiten genaugenommen UV-Reaktiv. Das bedeutet konkret, die FLüsigkeiten leuchten wenn sie mit UV-Licht bestrahlt werden. So etwas gibt es als Alphacool Aurora Ringe für AGBs und HardTubes oder als LED Stripes.
Question from Guest #274553 from 06. June 2017
Ist die Farbe des Kühlmittels in echt entsprechend mit dem Angezeigten Grün (Helles, "aggresives" Grün)? Oder ist die Farbe des Bildes stark von der Echten Farbe abeweichend?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 06. June 2017
Die Farbe ist in echt etwa genauso agressiv grün wie auf dem Bild. Abhängig von ihrer Display Einstellung und natürlich den minimalen Abweichungen beim Fotografieren, kann sich das am Ende ein wenig unterscheiden.
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